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      Sometimes when I've had Illustrator opened for a while I'll go back to the program after working with Photoshop say and when I click on the black or white arrows, when I go onto the work area to select whatever it is with the arrows, the Hand symbol is present and I can only click and move the whole work space around.


      The only way to get rid I've found is to restart my computer. Its getting very annoying. Any ideas?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Memory issues/ concurrent resource usage. You may need to purge mem from Photoshop, e.g. by flushing the undo queueu or the history states. Also, correctly terminate the use of text tools in PS as wel las switch to the move tool before zapping to AI. that may also help to prevent it getting locked into one tool...



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            AllyPugh Level 1

            Cheers. How do I purge memory?


              A lot of jargon there, I'm no pro I'm afraid