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    Problem with DateField control

    Mirza Asim
      I am DateField control as a child control of a UIComponent ( lets say cnt ). I registered an key down event listener with cnt. The problem is when DateField control is in focus and I press 'Escape' key, its doesn't propagate to its parents. This problem doesn't happen with 'Enter' key. I opened the source code of the keyDownHandler of DateField, there I found a mistake against the 'Escape' key check. It always calls event.stopPropagation() whether the popUp (DateChooser control) is open or not. Whereas its doesn't a mistake in case of 'Enter' because there is proper check whether the popUp is open or not and then take the action accordingly.
      Is there any solution to this problem?
      P.S. overriding the function is not possible because its using some private functions and variables.