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    Background transparency in a .wmf file


      I am adding icon into a netviz catalog that accepts .wmf files. I have a .gif with a transparent background. I need to create a .wmf  out of that .gif  file. When I open the .gif in Illustrato CS4 however I get the white background. What can I do to get he white background to be transparent in the .wmf format? thx

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          You do understand, that GIF is bitmap and AI is a vector graphics program, do you? You GIF will not automatically turn into WMF vectors, you know... The rest is of no consequence - transparency handling in GIFs is simply a mtter of the dispaly device/ program interpreting the transparency flag in the color palette. GIFs have no real transparency, they just flag a color to be suppressed. Apparently in AI, the choice is to not use it, but given, that you would create "proper" transparency by rebuilding the shape or applying clipping masks, that is logical somehow...



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            Thx for your help.


            Bill Wentz