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    Why does DEP keep closing Reader 9.2?


      Can anyone help me with this please? I can't open Reader 9.2. I'm being told Data Execution Prevention has closed it down. So I tried to exclude it from DEP in the advanced settings and was told Reader can't operate without DEP being switched on. Puzzle puzzle. Never had this one before. I've downloaded it. Reloaded it. Uninstalled it. Uninstalled AIR. Reinstalled Air. Uninstalled Air again. None of this is having any effect. I'm stumped. Anyone got any ideas please?

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          AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

          Which OS/service pack?

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            craigt61 Level 1

            Vista Home Premium SP3

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              Aditya Vaish

              Are you using any third party/custom Acrobat/Reader plugin?


              Any more info (such as - does it happen with particular PDF, or does it happen on a particular action) about the crash would be helpful.




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                craigt61 Level 1

                It happens with any and all pdfs. It happens when I just click on Adobe Reader on my desktop. The third party application I have for creating pdfs is Docudesk. I know there's a .dll file missing in the Docudesk software but this hasn't happened before and I've had docudesk for a long time.

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                  arejfour Level 1

                  Hi everyone:

                       I installed V9.2 last week and twice, so far, I've gotten DEP warning and my Vista OS shut it down. I subsequently went back in and printed the pdf document. Very Odd. Never had this problem with V9.1.3. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with all the Windows updates that came out on Oct.14. I spoke with Dell tech support and they advised to uninstall V9.2 and reinstall V9.1.3, which I did. So far, everything normal, but, it's a little too early to tell for sure. I hope the folks at Adobe are aware of this problem and are doing something to correct it.

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                    I have exactly the same problem. I am using Windows Server 2008 64 bit. Adobe is less than helpful and refuses to provide any support for what they call a "free" program, despite the fact we have a paid support contract with them.


                    By reading your post and knowing I am not the only one experienceing the problem, I am now convinced it's an Adobe and/or Microsnot bug or incompatibility. I will downgrade to the earlier verison as you suggest and hope that someone from Adobe is reading this thread.


                    Hey, Adobe: Wake up!   Your software ins't working correctly. Acrobat Reader Version 9.2 is being CRASHED all the time, every time, by Microsoft's Data Execution Prevention software.


                    Strange, but I don't recall Mac OS X having any need for a Data Execution Prevention program in the first place . . . hmmmmmm, I'm a Mac. And Windows sucks.