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    CS4 in Snow Lepard Action Issues


      Snow Lepard 10.6.1 /  illCS4 14.0.0

      I have a collection of actions (CS3) which are essential to my work. In particular, actions which call up Layer and Colour Palette functions which are not included in Keyboard mapping.  These actions are triggered by Function keys. When I started on CS4 I have re-created these actions and saved a new set - specifically for CS4. When launching CS4 these new actions load in, but appear as "containers" only - action header, but no contents: (blanks).

      When I replace actions through Action side Menu, my new set is restored but Function Key assignments are missing and have to be re-defined.

      I have eliminated what I think are all Keyboard assignment conflicts in illustrator, as well all Keyboard services in System Preferences.


      I would appreciate any help.