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    dispatch an event




      I am trying to send a simple event. When I run the application in file1 and click the button in file2:


      - init() in file1 is called.

      - dispatch_event() in file2 is called.

      - but eventHandler() in file1 is NOT called.


      Am I missing anything?



      // file1.mxml

      <mx:Application ... creationComplete="init();">


      private function init():void
         iad_screen = new iad();
         iad_screen.addEventListener("backtomain", backtoMain);

      private function eventHandler(e:Event):void
         Alert.show("Call Back backtoMain");


      // file2.mxml


      private function dispatch_event():void
          this.dispatchEvent(new Event("myevent"));

      <mx:Button label="Button" click="dispatch_event();"/>