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    Help with unwanted white space around swf

    chriscatalano Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've been wracking my brain for several hours trying to figure this out and several searches through the forum haven't helped.  I have a web design for a client that was pretty much complete.  They decided that they wanted to replace one of the graphics with a flash animation.  When I added the swf file to the layout in Dreamweaver it apparently is adding some space around the swf which breaks the rest of the design.  It looks to be about 4 pixels or so of space that is getting added.  I experimented with padding, margins, borders on every element in the design.  I tried changing the Scale parameter of the swf to "no border" and "exact fit".  I tried enclosing the elements in a table. None of this helped.  To simplify things I created a new blank page in Dreamweaver and added the two elements that are giving me grief.  The original width of the design was 792.  On the top I had 2 graphics, the first was 212 wide and the second was 580 wide.  The first graphic is the one that got replaced with the swf file.  The swf is also 212 wide.  But for some reason there is that extra space on the right side of the swf that forces the second graphic to the next line. 


      You can see the example here:  http://www.c2-it.com/clients/nepa/test.html  This shows what happens when the original graphic was replaced with the swf.  (The swf doesn't do anything as I actually replaced the client's swf with one I made that has the original graphic as the only item in the movie).


      If you look here:  http://www.c2-it.com/clients/nepa/test2.html  I changed the width of the second graphic to 574 wide.  That kept the graphic on the same line, but you can clearly see that the swf has the unwanted space to the right.


      Anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?