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    Director 11.5 support for OSX


      I've got an 11.5 stub projector (standard, not shockwave) and publishes correctly for both PC & Mac.  Everything runs fine on the PC, but under OSX (I've tried both 10.5.8 & 10.6.1) the projector goes into an infinite loop of error messages:

      1) "Missing Shockwave Decompression XTRA"

      2) "Director Player Error" -- This application requires Xtra (text) that either does not exist or failed to initialize properly.  Please make sure the appropriate Xtras are in the Xtras folder(s).

      3) Repeat ad infinitum


      Being that I exported with a standard projector, I'm not sure why it needs the Shockwave Decompression Xtra.  Unfortunately I don't have the OSX version of Director 11.5 to make sure I have the correct Xtras, but I did copy the Xtras from the <installDirectory>\Configuration\Cross Platform Resources\Macintosh\Xtras to the published project directory.  Unfortunately that didn't make any difference.


      Does anyone have ideas of how to get the standard projector to work in OSX?


      Thanks for your help in advance!



      Looks like my stub projector contains a small embedded dcr used for an intro.  Which explains the need for the shockwave decompression XTRA.  None-the-less, it doesn't answer my question on how to get it functional within OSX.


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