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    Making a fully bitmapped (text excluded) UI in Flex... using Skins?

    Swami Trika

      Is it possible to have a skin (or Flex app) thats virtually all graphic elements? I have built a UI in Photoshop using non-standard elements/buttons, etc. (torn paper feel) Can it be skinned or somehow done otherwise?  Need quick answer how to do this, have attached a sample of the design.


      Basically a fixed size application (online video training), Im new to Flex, having a developer work on Flex part of it (Flex functionality is done, now need to implement the UI), just thought that whatever we could do in Flash we could do in flex... Hoping so at least.


      Sorry if this is a newbie question. If you know of any sites/apps that do this I'd love to see samples.

      Thanks ahead...