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    Jpeg is 'shimmering' when panned...?  Please help.


      Hello all!


      I know I have read about this problem somewhere before but I just cant find the answer anywhere.


      I have a jpeg which I am using in a video project but am getting some nasty effects when panning from top to bottom of image,


      The effect is sort of like a 'heat-haze' or 'shimmer' that can be seen in areas of details.


      Now I have tried to reduct this by resizing the jpeg down by 50% and have even applied a very slight Gaussian Blur of 0.2 to try and melt those detailed sections but no matter what I try I am still getting this horrible effect that is completely spoiling my work.


      Unsure if it is of use but I am using a frame server to serve TmpgEnc for the encode.  Premiere CS3 keyframe and rendering is set to 'Lower Field First' and with optimize still ticked.checked.  The frame server sends it all to TmpgEnc which is encoding to progressive video file.


      I dont think the problem lies with progressive or interlaced settings - I think it is purely a problem with detail in the jpeg, but if anyone knows how to remedy this or improve the output then I would be so so so appreciative.


      I hope I have explained this well and look forward to any help whatsoever.


      Thanks in advance.


      Paul Collins.