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    Need older Director Version (7 or 8)




      I did a director project on tuberculosis as my college final project (in a previous life one would say). I compiled it in a projector (version 6) without saving the .dir file.


      I stumbled on it a few days ago and figured it'd be quite useful to teach my medical students but I would need to make a few updatews. I was able to extract the .dir from the projector but...the lingo cannot be restaured as it is compiled when integrated in the projector.


      Hence now, when I try to alter the .dir, I get a fatal error (using Director 9 and 10). I can't even delete the scripts or behaviors.


      I believe that if I could use even only the trial version 7, I should be able to remove the scripts/behaviors and update it to the most recent version. Recoding will be a bit annoying but much better losing this all togheter.


      This has more a sentimental value than anything else but I'd love to use it to teach my medical students so...


      Thanks in advance.