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    Word Doc Format/Font Changes when Imported into RoboHelp


      We currently have RH7. When we went from X5 to RH7 and imported our Word docs (Word 2003), the fonts and styles changed sometimes right after importing and other times after running the Glossary Wizard. It seems like RH7 doesn't want to read Word 2003 styles. Our temporary fix is to import our Word template (that we use for procedures) into each project. Once we import a Word document, we have to change the style sheet to the point to the Word template in order to fix the font and styles. We have to import the template whenever we import procedures or run the Glossary Wizard. Has anyone had this problem? We were able to import no problem with X5, but with version 7 we have to add these extra steps. We did find that when we created a new project in RH7 (not upgraded from Version 5), that we didn't have to import the template and assign the docs to it as the style sheet. Our projects are many and large in volume, so recreating in RH7 is not an option for us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!