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    Java in Livecycle to check required fields then submit

    pittfan2 Level 1

      Has anyone created a fake email button to check for required fields, such as LastName, FirstName, EmployeeNo, EffectiveDate, then execute an event on a button?


      I have a form where I have written Java programming on a button to email the form and include field names (see below):


      var oDoc = event.target;
          bUI: false,
          cTo: "pnf@jeffersonregional.com" ,
          cBcc: "renee.holtzman@jeffersonregional.com; janice.lenz@jeffersonregional.com" , 
          cSubject: "PNF for " + LastName.rawValue + ", " + FirstName.rawValue + " : Reason - " + ReasonforChg.rawValue + " (" + ReasonCodes.rawValue + ") "


      I would like to keep this but have lost the check for required fields since I am not using it as a submit button.  I am trying to create a button that checks for required fields then executes the script on the button to email the form.


      Can anyone help me?