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    Noob help with importing/exporting - quality output


      I think this is easy.


      I have rendered a few different image sequences 1280x720 (24fps) and have imported them into Premiere pro as separate movies and  edited the movie with cross fades and such.  Now I want to export it to H.264 quicktime movie.


      How should I set up the file to take these images and export these images at the best quality


      The problem I am seeing is the output looks very jumpy and loses quality.  However, when I take one of the same image sequences into Quicktime pro and export it on high quality H.264 quicktime movie, it looks great is the file size is small.


      I am a complete noob on this.  It seems as if Premiere pro is setup for importing video from a camera and exporting to a tv or something.


      Any help would be appreciated.