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    Strange Issue with Captivate 4

    mal22315 Level 1

      Hi All,


      Having a puzzling issue with captivate 4 which appeared after an MS Patch today. For some odd reason I can no longer preview in web browser nor export as html. When I do export as html, I open the file and the link to the swf is not there -just an empty html file! My SCORM manifest information also does not generate. I can generate an executable just fine however. Any help is appreciated. For the record I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice already.




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          mvlele Level 3



          Are you saying that you could publish the same Captivate project and generate the swfs (link of html to swfs) before installing MS patch? And now after installing you are not able to the same.


          Once you publish (export to html), do you see a swf file getting generated at the same location where .html does?


          Can you please tell us the MS patch you installed and also your system configuration.