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    Trial not successful...why?


      Complete newbie here.


      After buying an AVCHD camcorder (canon HF100), I now want to get a computer with proper editing set up.  I'm testing a trial version of PE8 on a computer we have here at work, and so far I am not impressed.


      Hardware: Gateway sx2800 desktop; Core 2 Quad Q8200, 4GB DDR3, GMA X4500 inegrated graphics


      I started an editing project with with a couple short movie clips (1440x1080) and a couple still photos.  Dragged them into the sceneline in a random order.  When I try to play the timeline, I get no video playback - sometimes black and sometimes a posturized version of one of the clips photos remains displayed.  Audio plays back fine.  Also, attempting to play with any effects seems to bring the program almost to a standstill.  After rendering, which started out saying would take 2 minutes but ended up taking 20, the video would play back but as soon as I fiddled with anything it went back to not showing video.


      So, there are some other forums here that are mentioning problems with AVCHD editing in PE8.  Is that what I am seeing?  Or is it a matter of using the trial version instead of a registered version? Would a dedicated video card fix these problems? (I plan on getting one for my final system, but I'm just trying to test things out before making any purchases).


      I was hoping to have a good experience trying this out so I could confidenlty purchase PE8, but so far not so good.


      Thanks for your help.

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          theo621 Level 1

          Okay.  Turning off GPU playback under preferences made a world of difference.  Now I've got something to play with.

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            Kodebuster Level 3

            Glad to see that the GPU off switch helped your cause.


            The Trial is the full blown package, same as the Purchased, only you will see the Adobe watermark on all output video (with the Trial).


            Regarding AVCHD, it is very CPU intensive and a resource hog (big time).


            The Sys specs you listed would be considered okay, although many would recommend a high end Quad, or the newer i7Core systems...


            Good Luck...