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    this is obviously a bug - is there a way around it? (before i lose my mind?)


      solved - if you are on a mac:   http://forums.adobe.com/thread/507589?tstart=0





      i'm on a lovely somewhat new macbook pro.


      i cannot activate due to the painful E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED message. i have trashed my copy. checked my date and time, then re-installed - the date/time/timezone not changing between downloading it and trying to activate it. i have done that exercise five times now.


      i've looked around here - lots of this message, but outside of "the time thing", i have not seen a solution. this is obviously a flaw with the program, but has someone found a way around it other then the adobe recommendation of "the time thing"?


      i really want to use this reader, but i am really losing my patience!