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    .AVI Weird Editing Issuse, Help!


      Hi I recently attempted to edit some "That Mitchell and Webb Episodes" which are:


      File Type: .avi



      Frame Width: 720

      Frame Height: 404

      Data Rate: 1406kbps

      Total Bitrate: 1566kbps

      Frame Rate: 25 fps



      Bitrate: 160kbps

      Channels: 2 (stereo)

      Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz


      I started a simple project using the "Sequence Preset" of "DV-PAL, Widescreen 48kHz", and then imported the first episode.


      it said something along the lines of Premiere Pro requires a codec to edit and play this file type will you allow it to download and install it, I click yes waited 5 minutes for it to do so, the restarted it and now I can here the audio of the file correctly corresponding to where the playhead is if I drag the playhead to the begining the video displayed will be at the correct place but if I drag it to the end it only shows me 18 seconds in to the episode when the playhead is at 29 minutes and 26 seconds.