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    Issue with unlinked books in WebHelp Pro project TOC - RH7 and RH8

    pjv@gs Level 1

      I've been testing WebHelp Pro in both RH7 and RH8. Have the same problem in both with the topic that automatically displays when you click a book/sub-book that is not linked to a specific topic.  For some reason, WebHelp Pro displays the last topic in the previous book/sub-book. After opening different books/sub-books within the TOC, I determined that there's a browse sequence being created based on the TOC hierarchy even though I do NOT have any browse sequences set up in this project at the topic level.  However, WebHelp thinks that the last topic above the selected book is what should be displayed even though it might not relate to any of the topics associated with the selected book. This is a real usability issue. I was confused by what was displaying and I'm the one who develops the help topics and TOC.


      By the way, this does NOT happen when I publish using FlashHelp Pro. In FlashHelp, the last topic that was accessed remains in the topic frame if there is no topic linked to the selected book. This is much more acceptable to the user because the topic is not switching.


      I'm assuming that this is a BUG and should be reported!


      NOTE: We're still working in RH7 but plan to publish to RH Server 8 using WebHelp Pro.

      Because I don't expect this to be fixed soon, we have developed a workaround. We are adding a generic but applicable topic for each book/sub-book. This will be our new development standard but it requires going back into 4 different projects to fix the problem. Not the most efficient use of our time as we're swamped with new topic development.