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    RH7- WebHelp Pro setting destination for RH Server 8


      I'm trying to set the RH Server 8 "area" in the Destination window using RH7 and WebHelp Pro layout but there's not field available. Because of this, the default is always the "general" area, which means I cannot separate out my 4-5 projects for reporting purposes using the Access database.


      FYI - The same is true for FlasHelp Pro layout using RH7 and RH8 (which I'm testing). However, in RH8, you can specify the area if you're using WebHelp Pro as primary layout.


      Since I'm not allowed to switch to RH8 at this time because of internal procedures, I want to publish my projects using WebHelp Pro layout in RH7. Is there any way to plug the server area into the project without having to redo the set up every time?


      RH8 WebHelp Pro edit destination window with area selection.gif

      RH7 WebHelp Pro edit destination window no area.gif