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    Animations out of order


      Help! I've got a slide with 9 simple animations (fly-ins) on it, that were recored one at a time 1 thru 9.  When I publish it as a pdf and then view it, several of the animations (the ones that entered the recording as #5, #6, #7, and #8) show up on the published version as a block (not one at a time) and first before the others load!  The only thing different I see about these animations is that they were 4 paragraphs that were selected as a whole and then animated as group in PowerPoint.


      I'm using PowerPoint 2007. Windows XP, and Presenter 7.0.  Can anyone provide a fix - save reanimating each paragraph separately. I've got hundreds of slides with this same problem!  I've tried to attach the pptx, but I get a message "content type not allowed." Not sure why.