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    BlazeDS, Flex 4, and delays


      A simple application in Flex 4 with basic CRUD experiences delays when using with BlazeDS remoting service.


      The delay usually happen at the second or third request, but happened at the first, fourth, and higher occasionally.


      The delay usually happen after flex logs sending the request, but before they are actually sent to the server (confirmed using wireshark).


      The same application works perfectly using PHP remoting instead (one line difference in the applications).


      The application ported to Flex 3 works perfectly with the same data service.


      I've tried several snapshots of the BlazeDS 4.x, the BlazeDS 3.x, 3.0, the 3.x milestones, and the Flex 4 snapshots.

      Is this a configuration issue or a flex 4 issue?


      Update: The delays are usually between 45 seconds and 100 minutes (yes minutes)