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    .swf file isn't working in a wrapper that was created in Director::


      I'm working with a client that uses an in house "wrapper" that houses their training courses and has some back end reporting built into it.  The wrapper basically is the shell that consists of the navigation so users can get through the different files and courses that are housed within the wrapper.  It's a jerry.rigged lms.  I create courses for this client using captivate 4.0 and publish out to .swf files.  All my files have worked for them.  However,  I have created a new type of interaction for them and it's not working for them once the bring it into the director wrapper.  It's a screen that has 6 clickable areas on it and when the learner clicks, they should get a .pdf document that opens in a new window.  What's happening is the screen shows up, but the documents aren't pulling up when they click on the links.

      FYI--the interaction works perfectly until it is loaded into the wrapper.

      Any thoughts?

      Thank you!