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    WMode Parameter & Streaming FLV from CS3

    Jackie Badenhop

      If anyone could help me on this it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!


      I have set up an animation in Flash Cs3 (Flash Player 8 output) and in the same swf stream in an FLV movie file.


      In my html page - I have a CSS menu running on the top of the swf file.


      I added the wmode - transparent so the menu goes over the flash (usually works) but in this case when I do so it interferes with the swf and the swf appears choppy and slow in IE, Firefox on Safari it works perfectly.


      I have search and search for a fix and I cannot seem to find anything. The ones I've found do not work.


      I am so disappointed, I really need to get my project finished. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Please see the link of this example at:




      Jackie at A80audrey@aol.com