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    Button image: bring to front?

    edsager-NDxnfr Level 1



      I have 3 images converted to buttons, each of which grows in size when hovering over each.  The larger-sized image is supposed to cover the other smaller-sized image buttons.  I can get up to 2 of the larger-sized image buttons to cover at least one of the smaller-sized image buttons, but that is it.


      Is there a way in FC to send to back and bring to front images when they are hovered over?


      Thank you,



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Edgsager,


          Unfortunately, there's no way to do that directly in Catalyst. Here are two workarounds:


          1) Import the project into Flash Builder, then write some code to set the "depth" property on rollover. Higher depth = more in front of other things.


          2) Do a bait-and-switch. Create your 3 larger images on top of your 3 buttons, and hide the larger images. When the buttons are rolled over, play a state transition or action sequence to animate the larger images appearing over the buttons.


          Good luck!



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            edsager-NDxnfr Level 1

            Hello Adam:


            Excellent!  Thank you!