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    2 Basic Questions


      Line Transparency:

      So when i'm making a line, or box and it's at 1 point stroke, it looks transparent. I do not know why because i've checked the transparency and it says that it's 100 percent. The color of the stroke is Black.. and it looks grey. So I don't know if there is somewhere where else that is keeping it looking transparent. Maybe it just looks like that because it's a small width line. I dunno.


      Shear In pictures:

      For one, i do not know where my the "shear tool" is located at. i could not find it. But i tried to use the free transform tool to change a picture i have in illustractor. I was just Moving the edge of the picture, then pressing ctl and it would appear as if it was going to shear the way i wanted it, but once i let go, it would just make the picture bigger. Does neone know how to change the picture, and making it stay sheared?


      Thanks guys

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Line Transparency:

          The layer has had its transparency modified. Click in the circle to the right of the layer name. This lets you give the entire layer a fill, stroke, transparency, or Graphic Style which is applied to all items on the layer as a group.

          Screen shot 2009-10-14 at 11.57.02 PM.png

          Shear Tool:

          The Shear tool is found within the Scale tool. Click and hold on the scale tool and you’ll see a selection of other tools, including Shear.

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            Possibly is a visual effect. Go to Preferences > Black Appearance (I have the spanish version of Illustrator, so the menu name is a free translation) and select "Show all blacks as rich black" in the "on Screen" menu.

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              In your opacity box I see 40. If you want it to loook black, make it 100.


              Your shear tool is located in your tool box, in the same window as your scale and reshape tools.

              Use this tool to shear, no need for the option key.

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                Scott Falkner Level 5

                glo23 wrote:


                In your opacity box I see 40. If you want it to loook black, make

                You are not paying attention.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  In he preferences take a look at the Appearance of Black and set it for Rich Black if you need to see it that way.

                  Keep in mind that black when it is printed as one color on paper is not the rich black you see as you see on the monitor.


                  It is not quite the deep black we tend to perceive but rather a kind of gray where as a black that is made up of CMYK mix
                  is more like what we perceive as being black. To get that deep black you either do the rich black or you hit it twice on the press.


                  The Shear tool is under the rotate tool.


                  As far as the free transform tool you click the corner with the mouse and hold it down, you then also hold the alt+control keys down and start dragging
                  then mouse up when you are where you want to be then you let go of the keys, but first you mouse up before letting go of the alt control keys.


                  Same with perspective but you hold the shift alt control keys.

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                    glo23 Level 1

                    Well. You must me the expert then.

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                      triciadj88 Level 1

                      thanks for ya'lls help. I'm still having problems with it though.. when i use the shear tool, the entire photo reshapes itself, instead of moving the two edges.

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                        Scott Falkner Level 5

                        It sounds like you want to shear the mask, not the photo. If there is a mask, select it with the Direct Select tool (white arrow) and shear that. If there is not a mask you'll have to make one. Draw a rectangle over the image, select both the rectangle and the image, and go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make. Now shear just the mask.

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                          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                          Do the two vertical edges seem to rotate, thus moving the top and bottom Anchor Points horizontally in opposite directions?


                          That would be normal behaviour.