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    Is there a way to save my File Name Templates?


      I have created a dozen File Name Templates for use in a project that requires very specific file naming.  I noticed that you can save your custom Render Settings to a *.ars file, and the Ouput Settings to a *.aom file for others to then import.  Is there a way to do this for the "Output To" File Name Templates?  I really don't want to go around to everyone's computer and set them up manually!


      Thank you!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That part is stored directly in the prefs.


          ["Output File Name Template Presets Data Section"]
              "Default Index" = "0"
          ["Output File Name Template Presets Section"]
              "000" = "Comp Name"00"[compName].[fileExtension]"00
              "001" = "Comp And Output Module Name"00"[compName]_[outputModuleName].[fileExtension]"00
              "002" = "Project And Comp Name"00"[projectName]_[compName].[fileExtension]"00
              "003" = "Comp Name And Dimensions"00"[compName]_[width]x[height].[fileExtension]"00
              "004" = "Comp And Frame Range"00"[compName]_[startFrame]-[endFrame].[fileExtension]"00


          Add and modify your settings, then copy&paste into the respective section or write a little script that does it (there's a method for accessing the prefs file).