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    Layers, OCG and Watermark

    John.Kordas Level 1

      This there are way to access the import as layer option which is available when you click on the layer navigation panel?


      The following code will place a pdf as a layer but there are some differneces to when you do it using the layers option.


      In the console:


      function AddWMark(){
      var oRetn = app.browseForDoc({
      cFilenameInit: "myComDoc.pdf",
      cFSInit: "CHTTP",






      If the file selected with the script has bleed it will not display on the page yet the import as layer option does.


      Using the following code will show and hide the watermark but there is no layer visible in the the layers panel.


      var ocgs = this.getOCGs();
      ocgs[0].state = true;
      ocgs[0].state = false;