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        D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

        The whole 10-bit situation seems completely chaotic at the moment. Nobody knows anything, there are no statements from any authoritative sources anywhere.


        Everything I read is just speculation in thin air. And I've been looking, because I have everything ready except a Quadro/FirePro card. I'd get that in a second - but I'm not wasting my money if 10-bit isn't working and working reliably.


        To further confuse the issue, there is evidence that Apple has introduced dithering to standard 8 bit video output, so that the test ramp looks smooth even if it isn't true 10 bit. But again, nobody really knows.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          BTW, Photoshop is probably the least of the problems here.


          The major uncertainty is between the driver and the operating system - both OS X and Windows. Some say only Windows 7 had 10-bit support, and that it was silently dropped from 8/8.1/10 without any official statements. But then, it didn't work reliably in 7 either, and those who tried it could only make it work at certain zoom ratios, or they had to go into proof, or they had to either turn off aero or turn it on. It never, to my knowledge, simply worked, unconditionally.


          How much of that is video driver and how much is operating system is anyone's guess. Maybe a bit of both.


          What is clear - about the only thing - is that a consumer-grade video card is no go, from either vendor. It has to be Quadro or FirePro.

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            Hungry Owl wrote:


            I have a GTX 690 and can confirm that the 10bit setting in the Nvidia control panel only applies to Direct X games.  From further reading I believe that all version of windows actually do support 32bits per pixel and that the confusion came from Microsoft moving the True Color panel to a different menu because I've found it in Windows 10 and 32bits is selected as an option.


            When my Xrite i1Display calibrator comes in the mail I will go out and buy the lowest end quadro card (K420) and confirm if 10 bits will work.

            This is my very first post here, so please be kind...

            Hungry Owl:

            I would appreciate very highly if you would write about your findings. I'm about to upgrade my Windows 10 PC (32bit) with new Eizo CS240 display, i1Display Pro, and also Quadro K420 - provided your findings are positive. Eizo's support article about this topic is based on Windows 8.1 and Photoshop CC while I'm using CS6, so your hands on experience is worth appreciation.


            EDIT: Also, would you kindly tell where to find the True Color panel on Windows 10 (I'm temporary on Windows 7). Thanks.

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              Hungry Owl

              I haven't gotten around to buying the K420 yet since I haven't done much photography lately but I will be testing some RED raw footage tomorrow which is 16bit, so maybe that will motivate me to actually go out and pick one up.  The K420 also doesn't support the full resolution of my monitor which would be a little annoying when editing video in a timeline as I'd be limited to 16:9.

              To find the True Color panel in Windows 10 go to the Windows control panel section where you'd change your resolution. Not through your GPU's control panel.  Then click "Advanced Settings" and in the new window click the "List All Modes" in the "Adapter" tab.  You should see a bunch of supported resolutions along with the Bits per pixel number and your signal refresh rate.  I see: 4096 by 2160, True Color (32bit), 50 Hertz.  Mine is limited to 50Hz simply because Display Port 1.2 only supports 60Hz up to 3840x2160.

              When I get a 10bit GPU and run a gradient test or NEC's 10bit test I'll post back.

              Windows 10 True Color Menu.jpg

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                marsal53 Level 1

                @Hungry Owl,

                Thanks for the status quo of your project and for the detailed help. I'm looking forward to your findings.

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                  Just register to ask, is it possible for ps to use d3d than opengl 10bit buffer? It's just painful to play on one machine and do editing on another one and switch monitor input back and forth.

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                    Like you said, Photoshop is likely not the problem, here.


                    Even my Matrox Parhelia 128 AGP, which is ancient, now had a Gigacolor (10-bit per channel color) plugin for Photoshop.  But then the Parhelia series couldn't do 10-bit over LCD's, IIRC.  However, they could output 10-bit (*3=30-bit) all day on analog CRT's, which are easy to come by in 20"-21" fashion--all those old, heavy Sun, SGI, Hitachi displays with the 13W3 connectors you threw away, all with Trinitron CRT's if memory serves, are great candidates for 10-bit display.


                    I'm currently putting a system back together with that Parhelia 128 AGP and a huge Sun monitor.  I'll have to post back about the results.

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