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    Modify tint swatch in Illustrator CS4


      If you make a tint swatch in InDesign CS4, you can edit the percentage applied simply by double clicking the swatch and dragging the percentage slider at the bottom of the dialog box. How can I achieve the same results in Illustrator?


      P.D.: Now, the only solution I found (very complex for such a simple task) is to use the various select options of the Selection menu to select the objects using the same tint percentage, modify it with the color panel and then saving another tint swatch.

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          Doug Katz Level 4

          Yes, tedious. I learned this when I first migrated from FreeHand.


          The trick is to not bother making tint swatches (!) (I know, I know. A departure from custom. Of course, you can make them if you want, but they turn out to be superfluous.)


          Instead, I color select objects with "unnamed" tints, and when I need to modify them, I use the magic wand with a very low tolerance to select the fills (pretty instantly) and strokes (pretty instantly) and adjust the slider accordingly. Because I've gotten so accustomed to this contortion, I've actually forgotten how much of a contortion it is compared to what you're accustomed to.


          If someone knows a better way, have at it by all means please.

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            PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

            You can change any of the tints you have with the Edit>Edit Colors>Recolor Artwork. Just make sure you have the tints you want to replace with in a swatches color group. Select all your art work. Then go the the Recolor Artwork… You can add a new row in the current colors and drag the tint to the new row to isolate the tint you are recoloring, then double click on the new swatch and navigate to select the % swatch you want to replace it with.  Recolor Artwork is a very powerful tool and I encourage users to learn how to use this tool for the  tasks which might take long as done in older versions with it.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              Agreed a difficult at first interface but it can save a lot of time.


              But of course I noticed that old ways Die Hard.

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                Doug Katz Level 4

                Interestingly, I use the Recolor artwork feature all the time... to do color experiments, to convert to grayscale art, to convert to spot colors. Yet with this particular task -- altering tint percentages -- I actually find it faster to select a filled/stroked object with the magic wand and move the tint slider. Count the steps; faster the old way I think. (Or maybe I just need to practice yet more with the recolor features.)

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                  Old Ways die hard. Indeed. Especially when those old ways (ahem, Freehand) were so intuitive compared to the abyss that is Illustrator. Yes, I am beating that dead horse.

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                    The easiest and quickest - for instance if you have text in InDesign and you wish to import text or an object from Illustrator to match that tint - - copy the layer after making the text white, then on your new top layer set the color value of the swatch color (use the CMYK numbers from InDesign)  and use transparency to set the percentage. When you place the file in InDesign you will have a match.