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    how to tell which codec


      I have an .avi movie that Premiere imports only as audio and not video. This video plays also bad on Windows Media Player or Winamp (same problem, only audio), but plays well on e.g. All Player. So it is probably a problem with codec, which only All Player read..


      So I have a question: how to recognize which codec is used? I thought avi is just avi, but found out on these forum that more people had this problem and the solution is always: bad codec. Is there a method/program that would allow me to check which codec was used for this particular video ? Unfortunately All Player does not show information about codec, only size and fps of the movie. So what I think about is a program that would open the clip and recognize which codec was used and display this information. Is there such a program? All I want to know (for now) is the name of the codec. Knowing the codec, it will perhaps be possible to re-code in some other program to a format suitable for Premiere..