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    why are there some questions with my project when I user the swc file which is coverted from c/c++ by Alchemy?


            Anybody can help me? I don't know why there  some questions with my flex projectwhen I user the swc file which is downloaded from the web,the swc file is uered to Compress jpg picture,when I compress one picture,there is no any question,but when I compress a lot of pictures ,the question is show,and the question is :

                              RangeError: Error #1506: 指定的范围无效。
                              at cmodule.jpegencoder::FSM_imalloc$/start()
                              at cmodule.jpegencoder::FSM_pubrealloc/work()
                              at cmodule.jpegencoder::CRunner/work()
                              at <anonymous>()
                              at flash.utils::Timer/_timerDispatch()
                              at flash.utils::Timer/tick()

            and I Reference the web :http://segfaultlabs.com/blog/post/alchemy-loading-large-jpeg-images/