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    Style reverts to default on Design tab after HTML code is modified

    KC in Colorado
      Help! I started having the strangest problem yesterday with a single topic and was hoping it was related to that one topic file but it's happening today with other files in the same project. I'm using RoboHelp 7 - just upgraded a couple of weeks ago from RH6 (mid-stream in this project).

      Yesterday I added some "hover text" directly to the HTML code, using the same tags and placement that I've used for the past several projects and the current one (although I'm not sure if I've added any of these tags since I upgraded to RH7). When I returned to the "Design" tab (WYSIWYG editor), all styles had reverted to default (Times Roman, etc.). When I applied Heading 1 to my topic head (which looks like a default Heading 1 style on the drop-down list in the RH GUI), all styles were restored to those defined in my project-specific style sheet. The hover text (for DHTML expanding text) works correctly. I continued to add hover text tags to that topic and had to manually reapply Heading 1 each time I returned to the Design tab. But when I finished, it compiled fine and hover text worked, etc. (That same approach to hover text exists throughout this project - it's simply adding a "Title" line to the A HREF tag.)

      Today I was editing other topics in the same project, went into the HTML for a DIFFERENT topic, and added a single space after a <SPAN> tag. When I clicked the Design tab, again, all styles appeared to be lost. And again, I can restore them by simply selecting Heading 1 from the style drop-down in the formatting toolbar and applying it to the topic heading.

      I'm very close to project delivery and this is scaring me... Does this mean my CSS is somehow corrupted or what? I checked topic properties and both of these topics are using the project style sheet. I have never looked at a CSS -- just define the styles using the RH GUI. So I don't even know what to look for.