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    Premiere CS3 crashes when attempting to relink data files.


      I'm in the process of upgrading to a new computer with CS4, and as part of my upgrade I'm re-organizing my hard drives. Up to now, I've had everything (data, project files, scratch disks) on one drive and I know that's not the best way to work, so I'm going to have one drive for video files and one drive for project files/scratch disk.



      In preparation for moving all my stuff over to the new computer, I re-sorted everything yesterday, figuring I could just relink the files to the projects next time I needed to access those projects. This morning I tried opening a project, and as I expected, it asked me to find the video files that were reference in the project. However, when I pointed it to the right file and hit "select" I got that cpp-105 debug error that seems to get thrown by CS3 whenever anything wrong happens. I've gotta be able to access these projects, and I really don't want to have to go back through and move everything back to one drive.


      Am I doing something wrong? Anybody know any way to fix this? Thanks!