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    ColdFusion Builder Beta trial has expired message - what to do?


      I downloaded the Beta 2 yesterday and attempted to install it (I had already been using the original ColdFusion Builder Beta for months).  I couldn't tell if it actually changed anything because in the About section, it didn't mention Beta 2 anywhere.  Today, I received a "your trial has expired" message while writing code, but I could still modify code and save to my servers (color-coded formatting had been deactiviated). 


      I uninstalled Adobe Coldfusion Builder, then re-installed the Beta 2, but now when I launch the software I receive the "trial expired" message.  I'm using a Windows XP machine.


      In the end, I no longer can use Adobe ColdFusion Builder beta, nor can I purchase the actual software (which I plan on doing).


      Does anyone have any advice / suggestions?  I need SFTP support, so I guess I could go back to Aptana, but I'd prefer to have ColdFusion Builder.