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    RH7 - connection error when try to access RoboHelp Server 8 from Pod menu


      I'm using RoboHelp 7 with WebHelp Pro layout to publish my project(s) to RoboHelp Server 8.  I've got RHServer 8 set up and can view the Admin window when I access the server.


      However, locally when I open my project in RH7, I get a "Connection to Server Failed" message below when I select View > Pods >  RoboHelp Server and then click "Connect Now" on the RoboHelp Server tab.

      Connection to Server Failed - The server you entered in the Properties dialog for the primary layout cannot be contacted. Please verify the spelling or contact your system administrator to verify the server is running.


      This makes no sense because I'm able to view the project published to the server via File > View Primary Layout from Server.

      I'm also able to publish my updated project files to the server without a problem.


      FYI - I'm still testing RoboHelp 8 and when I select the RoboHelp Server option indicated above, I am able to view the Admin window prompts in RH8 on the RoboHelp Server tab.


      So why can I see the Admin function in RH8 but not in RH7?