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    Collaboration, security

    Bruce BFD Level 1

      In the video, Karl shows how you can share the script. However, it sends an email with a link to a spot on Adobe's site. Since the company I work for handles extremely sensitive information, we can not have any data on external servers. Does anyone know if the files can be saved to another location?

      Also, would the person on the other end need to have Story installed on their machine? My collaborators would not have the program (since they are not usually involved in video production) and it's like pulling teeth to get programs approved for installation.

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          AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee

          We don’t support storing scripts somewhere else. Adobe servers are secure and no one other than the author can view the script. The author can choose to share the script with his team and can provide different types of access to different people in the team.


          The beauty of being an online application is that as long as your team is online, they can open the script and collaborate. They don’t need to have anything installed on their system other than the Flash player.



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            To add to Anubhav's answer and information...


            If you share the script--  your collaborators don't have to have story "installed"--- in the same way that you didn't have to install anything because the application is online.


            Also regarding, saving the script somewhere other than external servers...the answer is yes.

            you can work "offline" and once you do this - you'll then install Story on your desktop. From that point forward all your scripts will be saved on your drive and not the Adobe servers.However, at that point you do lose the benefits of working online and collaboratively. But you could email your script (as PDF or other file type) to someone in order to continue your collaboration.


            On a side note we've been really happy to learn how many companies with sensitive information are quite happy with our privacy or with using other collaborative or online products - it seems that times are changing in this arena. Also we'd be interested in hearing from any company that does not want to use an online application or store on external servers so that we can work with them on privacy concerns or so that we can gather feature requests from them so that we can address those needs in the future.


            Thanks, Erica (the Story team)