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    web services running on ColdFusion8 under JRun




      I built some web services  a while ago with Axis 1.1 running under Tomcat.


      So I have a set of .jar  files that implement the services. Under axis these would have been deployed under:


      axis\WEB-INF\lib under JRun or Tomcat


      and then accesed like this:




      We are now using  ColdFusion 8 running under JRun.


      Cold Fusion has axis 1.4  (I think) built in.


      I am migrating my .jar  files to the ColdFusion 8 installation. But I am unsure as to the deployment  process. Although the jars I would expect to see are in /lib: axis.jar and  wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar I am not sure where to deploy my [app].jar files and also what  would be the equivalent of:




      Any hints would be much  appreciated.