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    [JS] [CS3] Break link to ObjectStyle

    CTC Imaging

      I have no problem doing this for paragraphStyles while maintaining attributes but I can't do it for objecStyle!!!


      It applies style [None] BUT clears existing object attributes EVEN when specifying clearingOverrides to "false"


      function BreakStyleLink (itsITM)
      var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
      if (itsITM.constructor.name == "InsertionPoint")
        itsITM = itsITM.parent;
      var myTSR = itsITM.textStyleRanges;
      for (var cptTSR = 0; cptTSR < myTSR.length; cptTSR++)
        myTSR[cptTSR].applyParagraphStyle(myDoc.paragraphStyles[0], false);
      itsITM.applyObjectStyle(myDoc.objectStyles[0], false);     //*** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's up w/ that




      any ideas. I am sure it's another setting somewhere else.


      Thanks for any guidance.

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          Harbs. Level 6

          Don't know. I don't think I've ever tried to remove an object style...


          Two things you might want to try (besides filing a bug report):


          1) Object.appliedObjectStyle = myDoc.objectStyles[0];



          dupStyle = Object.appliedObjectStyle.duplicate();

          Object.appliedObjectStyle = dupStyle;