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    Had PC repaired now my eBooks are useless.....


      Hi Guys,


      I had my PC fixed and a fresh copy of windows put on so i had to re-install Digital Editions. I tried to open all the eBooks i had purchased which are stored on my Sony PRS-505 and it says "Document is licensed for a different user account". I activated my DE with my Adobe ID so why am i getting this message? I also went back to the store where i bought them from and downloaded them again, getting .acsm files, and when i try to download them in DE i get some licence error "E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USE".


      I'm really annoyed i can't read the books i have paid for, should just stick to good old paper, then Adobe can't stop me reading them!!!


      Any advice right now would be much appreciated before i toss my e-reader out of the window.