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    After Snow Leopard, Clips will not play


      (Apologies if this has been asked and answered but I could not find any relevant threads.)


      We have a Mac Pro running Premier Pro CS4 (4.1.0) on Snow Leopard (10.6.1). Before Snow Leopard, Premier worked just fine. Post-upgrade however a strange thing occurs.

      In both existing projects and new projects, when you attempt to play clips the clip will play for the briefest of moments before stopping and seeking back to the start point. The length of time that the clips plays varies from a couple of frames to a second or two and it does not matter from where in the timeline I start playing.  The clips are plain old DV video clips, 29.97fps, 48kh/16bit audio imported into Premier via firewire before the upgrade. They play back fine in Quicktime X and Quicktime 7 outside of Premier.


      I've tried a prefs smash, updated everything to the most recent version with Adobe Updater and Apple Software Updates, logged in with a new OSX user, and rebooted numerous times. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes? I can provide any extra information you may need.