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    Difficulty / Memory overruns going from HDV to Bluray


      I am running Vista (letest SP's and updates) and an Intel Quad core @ 2.33 (or so), 4 gb RAM.


      Using PE7, I have been unable to complete a project.  I import 2-60 minute HDV tapes via firewire and using PE7 I splice them together, put in a menu and add in a few chapters.  I then start the burn process which takes my quad cores up to 98% of their processing potential and tells me it is going to take 44 hours to complete the project  Typically it won't even make it to the burn phase before it gives me a "buffer overrun" error and shuts eveything down.   I've even shut all other processes down in an attempt to complete a project, but it does not help.


      Seems straightforward enough - capture, a little editing and burn, but it doesn't work.  Am i missing something??  Rendering beforehand was mentioned in another forum as a way to make the project more manageable - what is rendering?  Should I be doing it?  If so, how??