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    Ilustrator CS4+Snow Leopard Profile issues

    norberto Melendez Level 1

      Seems like something is not working in Cs4 Illustrator with Snow Leopard. Can someone give it a try to verify.


      When I print to my Epson 3800 from Illust. It's not matching the same image printed via PS Cs4. ( It should if you follow a controlled workflow--which I do)

      At first thought it was a color management issue, but everything is synchronized via Bridge, and I am using the same print settings, paper profiles , etc in both apps.



      I then tried saving as a pdf in Illustrator. Same thing is occuring. Seems like the profile is not "sticking".

      I did not have this issue before Snow Leopard.


      If I open the Illustrator created PDF via Photoshop, then everything is ok....what is happening?


      ( have the newest drivers from Epson)