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    Exporting timeline as a Quicktime Pro Res HQ?

    Caveman Phil

      I am having some trouble exporting a 90 sec. video in the format the client has requested--  a Quicktime Pro Res HQ file.  All of my working footage was 1280x720 Pro Res HQ to begin with.  However, in the export settings, all the presets take the resolution down to 720x480.  I can choose a custom setting, but Premiere wants to automatically change the resolution to 1280x853.  Also, I have Quicktime Pro with the Pro Res codec installed on my computer, but Premiere isn't showing it in the list of available codecs. (Is this just an Adobe vs. Apple issue?)


      I can choose Quicktime/custom in the export settings with a generic "video" codec, but I have no reason to believe this is exporting as a Pro Res file and I am also getting terrible color banding in everything that is supposed to be a smooth tone.


      Does anybody have some thoughts on what to do?