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    Test & Validate Exif Data


      Okay. A case of beer up for grabs for the first person to get this one (you have to come to Johannesburg to get it though!)


      I have to write an application that extracts EXIF data from photographs uploaded to the server and stores it in a database.  So I try the following:

      <cfimage action="read" source="#file.serverfile#" name="image" />
      <cfset exif = ImageGetEXIFMetaData(image)>
      <cfdump var="#exif#">
      <cfquery name="yadda" datasource="#dsn">
      insert into pics (focal_length) values (#focallength#) where yadda yadda fishpaste.


      Problem solved, right? Wrong!  The dump file gives me a bunch of variables like "Exposure Time" and "Max Aperture Value".  (note the spaces).    I need to isolate that "exposure time" and "Max Aperture Value" variables.


      <cfset focallength = ImageGetExifTag(image,"Focal Length") />


      Whoo hoo!

      But now, what if some malicious idiot uploads a file WITHOUT exif data? OOPS!  This is where I get stuck - how do I test for the variable?  How do I test if that variable exists?  Easy enough to do without spaces.  How do I do it WITH that space between "focal" and "length"?  I've "isdefined" my way from hell to breakfast, without any luck!


      PS: its late, I'm tired, and had three beers already!


      Spank you in advance. Now go out and conquer!