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    Movie can't find linked movie - path issue


      OK, I've spent a few very frustrating hours trying to figure out a solution that's probably staring me in the face. I have one movie (Intro.swf) that loads a second movie (ncjhs_Menus.swf) with drop down menus. Intro has a movie clip with the following script in it:


      var myLoader:Loader = new Loader(); addChild(myLoader);

      var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("ncjhs_Menus.swf"); myLoader.load(url);


      Both the Intro .swf and the ncjhs_menus.swf files are saved in a subdirectory called Flash off the root. The html file generated by flash is saved in the root.

      When done that way the Intro file runs but does not manage to get the menus file to load. If however I save the html file into the same Flash diretcory as the two .swf files then everything works fine and Intro can call the menu .swf file.


      I'm confused as to why it only works if I tell Flash to save and run the html file in the same directory as the two flash files. Can anyone see why it would make a difference? I need to link to the menus from a a number of locations and clearly can't put all the files into the same directory.


      My html file is attached.


      Thanks for your help.