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    embedded movies

    egeefay Level 1

      I found a tutorial on how to embed a quicktime movie into my website.
      I followed the instructions.
      The website movie plays fine in Foxfire but won't play in Internet Explorer.
      All I get is a big Q with a ? mark in Internet explorer
      Here is the webpage
      Can anyone give me a clue why it will play in Foxfire and not with Explorer?
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          You have an incorrect class ID.

          CHANGE THIS:


          TO THIS:


          There is an QuickTime Extension on the Exchange that you might find useful.

          You also need to add an ActiveX fix for Internet Explorer to rid yourself of
          the "Press Spacebar or Enter to activate and use this control".

          If you are using DW 8.02 to automatically apply the ActiveX fix, take a peek
          at this Adobe tech note: http://urlx.org/adobe.com/02b85

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            egeefay Level 1
            Thank you for your help
            I used the corrected ID and the movie seems to play in both IE and Foxfire now
            But I've sent it to other folks to view and they either don't see the movie or are having trouble with the Active X popup
            I am using Dreamweaver MX and don't know how to fix the Active X problem
            Can you give me some advice?
            Here's what the site looks like now
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              You're just linking directly to the .mov file via the openbrowserwindow
              behavior, so ActiveX is not an issue.

              The movie plays in Internet Explorer but only after the entire file has
              downloaded (which takes quite awhile) so I suspect the people who say they
              can't see it just don't wait long enough for it to download.

              You might want to explore using a Quicktime poster movie embedded in the
              page so the user can simply click on the movie image and play the video
              right on the page without opening the popup window.

              Or convert the movie to Flash video.

              > I am using Dreamweaver MX and don't know how to fix the Active X
              > problem...

              Again, it's not an issue if you just link to the file as you are doing, but
              you can see the potential problems with this method.

              Take a peek at this:
              http://blog.deconcept.com/2005/01/26/web-standards-compliant-javascript-quicktime-detect-a nd-embed/

              And other information is on the site about Flash elements and ActiveX.

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                egeefay Level 1
                Thanks for the help. I'm not very good at coding
                Anyway, here's the same page
                This time I linked a flash flv movie with the link as you suggested
                But it still takes time to download and then gives the viewer the option of downloading the file (which I don't really want them to do)
                I have Dreamweaver MX. Is there a way to embed this movie in the html page so the viewer watches it like in "you Tube"?
                I tried inserting it as a flash object but when I tested it...nothing shows up in the page except a blank spot where the flash movie is suppose to play
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                  > This time I linked a flash flv movie with the link as you suggested

                  Well, I didn't suggest LINKING to the Flash Video FLV just as I also pointed
                  out the just linking to a MOV file is advisable.

                  > I tried inserting it as a flash object....

                  That because it's not a flash object, it's Flash Video.

                  Also, your Flash Video is quite large - 720 x 480 px - if you were to embed
                  that in the page it would overwhelm your page.
                  Making it smaller will make it in that space you have allowed and reduce
                  it's file size considerably.


                  Here's an example of a smaller Flash video (edited down to only the first 15
                  seconds) embedded in the page.

                  Read this Adobe Tech note about Embedding Flash Video with Dreamweaver MX:

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                    egeefay Level 1
                    Thanks so much for all your help
                    I finally was able to duplicate your example
                    The video still starts off in black but I am going to edit a frame or two at the head of the video so it starts with a still frame (I assume that's what you did...edited on a still frame from a portion of the movie, right?
                    The only comment I am getting from some viewers is that when the viewer goes to the webpage...the movie player doesn't appear right away. It seems to take about 10-15 seconds tbefore you can see it and access the controls to play.
                    It's not bad if the viewer knows to expect that but a casual viewer might think there was no movie there and move on.
                    On my browser, the movie player you did also took some time to "load".
                    I've tried it on foxfire, IE, PC and Mac and I get the same results
                    Any idea what is causing this
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                      > did...edited on a still frame from a portion of the movie, right?


                      > Any idea what is causing this

                      Hmmmmm...both yours and mine appear after about 1 second with a totally
                      cleard cache.

                      You have a problem with the path to your utensils_f2.gif.

                      See code on your page - note D:/ERNIE'S ...

                      <a href=" http://www.thaifoodtonight.com/thaifoodtonight/utensils.htm"
                      onmouseover="MM_swapImage('utensils','','file:///D:/ERNIE'S%20IMPORTANT%20STUFF/Websites/ dim/buttons/utensils_f2.gif',1);"><img
                      name="utensils" src="utensils.gif" alt="" border="0" height="30"