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    MTS issues

    Danny O-K



      I recently upgraded to CS4 Production after purchasing a Panasonic HMC40.

      I can import the MTS files easily but when playing them, they pixilate at random spots throughout the sequence and it looks

      terrible. When I scroll threw the timeline the footage looks perfect (it also looks perfect playing in my camera).

      I tried importing my files from my desktop and external hard drive but I still get the same result.

      I have a Mac Pro

      Version 10.4.11

      2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon

      6 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM

      I know there are converters that can transform MTS files to MOV, AVI, ect., but there has to be a way to fix this with out using this software.


      Danny O-K

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I've said this before and I'll say it again.  Don't use the internal Premiere monitors to judge quality.  They're for seeing content only.  Always use a properly calibrated external TV for quality control.  If you don't have one hooked up to Premiere, then you will need to build a DVD or Blu-ray to judge.


          If the problem still exists when properly judged, let us know.  Maybe we can help.  If not, don't worry about it.  Just keep on editing.

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            Michelmnr Level 1

            Hi, I'm joining the unlucky mts club too. The only way I could manage to use them in PP2 was to convert them in wmv. I had the Jittering as well but after rendering it was smooth, yes in pp2 monitor. Alas it was short lived as I could not render any more of these files, getting "unknown compiling error msg" then my pc choked!

            By the way I found a free converter called "FormatFactory" It has good review for a free software. Well I don't know where to go from there.

            (I'm using a new Everio hd JVC cam).

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              Michelmnr Level 1

              I'm progressing slowly! With those files that would not be rendered I went back to their original mts format this time used  Movie maker format (I think mpg4 or mp4 as it shows) then converted them again to wmv! and so far this time it's accepted by PP2???.

              Yes I guess highly unprofessional and time consuming but as long i get result (what result i don't know if I still get hd!) I'll do it. on the pc it look quite good.  I also tried AVI format but in PP2 I only get an audio file?

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                WMV is not the way to go. If your system cant handel mts convert to hd-mpeg or hd-avi.

                Cineform Neoscene, VASTT Upshift or Elocard AVCHD are converters you can have a look at.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I agree with Ann. WMV is a highly compressed (the degree will depend on the exact CODEC employed), and is not one that PrPro edits gracefully. I'd reserve WMV for delivery only. It is primarily a "streaming media" format.


                  Good luck,



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                    Michelmnr Level 1

                    Thank you to both of you... I was warned by the camera seller that going hd without updating a lot of gear to expensive hd gear was the only way I'd be happy with it. (More powerful PC, Blue Ray, and full hd monitor to see the difference. I have only the screen!

                    FormatFactory, the free program I found doesn't exactly says that it uses HD conversion. I may need to find a more appropriate program to do this conversions.

                    It seems I've a new battle in my hand and appreciate very much your help.


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      HD is nice, but... it is just the "door buster." This means that much more is often necessary to get the full experience, and edit smoothly. It has happened with previous "innovations."


                      My wife once wanted to add new wallpaper to a tiny vanity bath. OK, US$3000, including the hand-painted border. No problem. Well, along the way, she decided that we needed to extend the wood flooring from the entry-way, into this bath. Hey, only about US$1200. The toilet was broken in that process, but it was only US$500 to get what she wanted. While she was waiting for the hand-painted border, she decided that the sink and vanity also needed to be replaced - US$2500 complete with installation. When she got that border up, the window treatment did not look right. She investigated others, and decided that the entire window needed replacement - US$2000 for all. The last "touch" was the hardware for the new sink. We'd reused the old ones. Now, we were looking at US$600 for the hardware. That vanity bath was no more than 7' x 6' and cost us a tiny fortune. Don't get me started on redoing the family room, which led to the kitchen and the breakfast area. I've bought commercial, multi-story buildings for a whole lot less. HD is like that vanity bath - a *******' money-pit, however, I hope to jump into that pit by about August, 2010...



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                        medeamajic Level 2

                        With my system the MTS file looked like crap in draft mode. If you have a Quad Core system you should be able to play MTS file back in realtime at high quality. They shoud look fine at high quality.

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                          Michelmnr Level 1

                          Here we go, a quad core! Ha ha ha, it makes B H's story even more humouristic now. But it's nice to see the lighter side or things! I believe that I should be able to play my camera straight in hdmi (did not get this right i know!) at high quality but there's no joy for me in this as what I like is the edited finish result.

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                            Michelmnr Level 1

                            Hi again, I did not think I could use avi conversion not realising that in the program settings there was a "avisynch" turned off by default! That is why i only got audio. and tried my like with wmv that also gave me a lot of trouble. But the avi hd seems to be a lot smoother with PP2. There are a lot more settings that baffle me a little but what I picked seems to work ok although i don't understand most and I have not yet the finished product.

                            The settings I got are

                            Video encode = mpeg 4 xid

                            Video size = 1250 x720 (thouhgt it would be good for wide screen and plasma/lcd?)

                            Bit rate (kbs/s) = 2400

                            Aspect Ratio = left it to Auto

                            Encode 2 pass = no

                            Then Audio

                            Sample rate = 4800    

                            Bitrate Kbs/s  = 192

                            Aud Chanel  = 2

                            Volume Control =  0 dB

                            Audio Stream Index  = Default ( don't know what it is but the range is 0-9)

                            Thanks again for helping me to get on the right track.


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                              Michelmnr Level 1

                              Hi again, I hope I'm not "sinning" since it's someone else thread - just want to give follow up to my project. I got the final result and I'm not overjoyed with it. But it may not have anything to do with the conversion. Where ever I moved my video camera when filming I get lot of flagging.  I can't remember if I recorded my files in Xp or uxp format and wonder what would give me best result in PP2? the other two formats are st standard and ep I guess the lowest quality where UXP is designed for Blue Ray tech.