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    Avi files missing from view in Organizer

    eqix150 Level 1

      I recently installed Premiere Elements 8 and Photoshop Elements 8.  I captured 1 hour of video from my DV camcorder  The capture resulted in 43 avi files being transferred to my Vista PC.  The files all show up fine in the Premiere Elements editor project view and timeline.  But only 23 of the videos show up in Elements Organizer.  I have tried reimporting all the files to Organizer, but Organizer says they already exist.  I have selected to show all files, but no luck.


      I looked at another folder where I had captured 18 avi files with the trial version of Pre8, and Organizer only shows me 10 of the files.


      I've tried everything I can think of to make sure I'm not filtering these files from view.


      What am I missing?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming you captured all of the video over FireWire from a miniDV camcorder using Premiere Elements, you've done all you can do.


          Under Albums in the Organizer is a sub-list of Premiere Elements Video Projects. The project you captured the video into should appear when you click on that project's album folder.


          You can also try refreshing your Organizer's catalog by going to the File menu and selecting Reconnect/All Missing Files.

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            eqix150 Level 1

            Thanks.  I had already tried both of those ideas.  I tried clicking on and off the project in the Album, but no change.  I also tried reconnecting and got a message that no files were missing.


            To confirm, I did capture via firewire from a DV camcorder play a digital tape.  The avi files all display and play perfectly in the editor and I can see them in my windows explorer.


            Anything else I can do?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You say that you can see the files, which are missing in the Elements Organizer, in the Premiere Elements Editor and Windows Explorer. According to Windows Explorer, are these missing files located on C local hard drive or an external hard drive? And, where does Windows Explorer say that the non missing files are located, on C local drive or an external hard drive?


              What happens if you right click one of the missing files which are seen in Window Explorer and select Open With Premiere Elements 8? Does it open in Premiere Elements 8 and is it thereafter viewable in the Elements Organizer?



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                eqix150 Level 1

                The files are all in the same folder on the second of two internal 500 GB hard drives.  They are all together in the same folder, labeled as "My Project 01.avi" up to "My Project 43.avi"


                I figured out a way to see the missing files in Organizer by selecting the "thumbnail" view instead of the "batch" or "folder" view.  What I discovered is that all the files that have been "missing" appear as stacks of files, but I can't see an option to unstack them like you can do with photos in Photoshop elements.


                For example, I have a file that I couldn't see in Organizer called "My Project 11.avi".  When I look at this file in the Premier Elements 8, under the project view, it shows as a movie with duration of 2:59:22.  But when I look at it in thumbnail view in Organizer, it shows a stack of files.  When you expand the stack, you see three files, each labeled with the same filename, "My Project 11.avi"   The files are 1:21, 0:08, and 1:31 in length, i.e the same total time.  Collectively, they make up the same clip as I see in PE8.  When you pick batch or folder view, the clip disappears for the Organizer view.  The same exact scenario holds for 20 of the other clips in my folder.


                I'm really confused by this....I don't want to have to hunt down clips so I can tag them.  And I don't understand why the clip is split up and stacked.  When I captured the video, I opted to split scenes by timecode, but these are continuous clips shot without interruption.  I did not select auto-analyzer.


                So why would these clips appear as stacks?  It doesn't look to me like the user can even select to stack videos. 


                And either way, why would Organizer only show them when thumbnail view is selected?



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I do not have proof at this moment, but I would not be surprised if that AutoAnalyzer feature is at the core of this issue.


                  You did say that in the Capture Window, AutoAnalyzer was left unchecked, correct? I know that you selected Split Scenes. Interestingly, the Help PDF help says "To use Auto-Autoyzer at capture you must also select Split Scenes. So, you were half way there by selecting Split Scenes. It will be curious to see how this all fall out, that is, does the program have a problem realizing that you have checked just Split Scenes and not both Split Scenes and Auto-Analyzer?


                  I do not have a miniDV camcorder to check this out.


                  How about the Elements Organizer/Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalyzer? Was that disabled?


                  My problem with the AutoAnalyzer was that I found that with it enabled every time I dragged a video to the Timeline the video would get split into clips and the thumbnail in the Media was a stack of the clips generated.


                  To be continued....



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                    eqix150 Level 1

                    Thanks for the message.  I'm sure that I deselected AutoAnalyzer when I was capturing, but I didn't think about the preferences setting in Organizer.  I just checked and it was enabled.


                    So maybe that explains why the stacks were generated?  I'm going to try capturing another tape tomorrow with that change and see if it recurs.


                    Do you happen to recall when you saw stacks in the video clips whether you could view them in Organizer with either the folder or import batch display?  It seems like there's some filter being applied that is screening out these stacks so that the only time I can see them is in the thumbnail view.


                    I appreciate your help.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      The first thing this morning I did the following experiment that may or may not get to the core of your problem. I cleared everything from version 8 Elements Organizer as well as the version 8 Organize workspace view.


                      1. Get Media/Files and Folders. Brought video file from C local drive save location and viewed it in Organize workspace.

                      2. Then clicked on the Elements Organizer tab and was able to view the video thumbnail in all of the following

                      a. Thumbnails

                      b. Import Batch

                      c. Folder Location

                      d. Date View

                      3. Went back to Premiere Elements 8 Organize workspace, right clicked the thumbnail there, and select Run Auto-Analyzer which it did, doing its annoying thing of splitting the video into clips and displaying only one Organize thumbnail in stacked clips fashion (the original that was right clicked to begin with was no longer represented in this location).

                      4. Then clicked on the Elements Organizer tab and observed the following:

                      a. Thumbnails, one stacked clip thumbnail was there

                      b. Import Batch, one stacked clip thumbnail was there

                      c. Folder Location, nothing there

                      d. Date View, nothing there


                      If I closed out of the project where I was just working (did not save the project) and opened a new project, I found for the new opened project:

                      a. Premiere Elements Organize workspace, the video in split clip stacked version

                      b. Elements Organizer, Display Tab.... Thumbnail, as before could see stacked version; Import Batch, as before could see stacked version; Folder View, nothing there; Date View, nothing there.



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                        eqix150 Level 1



                        I think we are both seeing the same results.  I captured a new video yesterday from my DV camcorder.  I made sure Auto Analyzer was not selected both in the capture window and also in the PE8 Organizer preferences setting.  That resulted in no stacks of video, which in turn meant I could see them all in each of the Organizer displays.


                        So I think this gives me a solution I can work with.  Thank you for your help.


                        It seems we've identified two issues here: 

                        - AutoAnalyzer splitting scenes into stacks

                        - PE8 Organizer not displaying those stacks in some views. 


                        I think the Organizer issue is more significant, as the program's core purpose is to prevent losing track of files.  Is this forum the right way to let Adobe know about the problem?

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the feedback.


                          From all reports, we cannot depend on Adobe to read any of these threads in the Premiere Elements User to User Forum. I cannot confirm that, but I have seen that type of comment made over and over by Steve Grisetti and others.


                          So, contact with Adobe direct would be the way to go. I think there is a way to file a bug report. I will see what I can find on the subject. Maybe Steve Grisetti will read our comments and supply the how to for the bug report.


                          I will see what I can find.


                          Great news that you can move forward on this.



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            This looks like what you might need...




                            If I find anything other than this, I will post again.