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    SQLite problem: same query returns completely different rows in Visual Studio

    timo888 Level 1

      My select-query against a local SQLite 3.x database returns only 8 rows in Flex, but the identical query cut and pasted from Flex returns 119 rows in Visual Studio. When I try to execute the query in SQLAdmin http://coenraets.org/blog/2008/02/sqlite-admin-for-air-10/  I get error #3115 but no explanation.


      Moreover, the rows returned in Flex are not among the rows in Visual Studio.  I know the Visual Studio results are correct.


      What could possibly cause such wacky behavior?


      BTW, I have used SQLMaestro and Razor against this database without any issues.


      P.S. None of the tables has a date column. Just int, varchar, and bit.


      P.P.S. After some more testing, I see situations where INNER JOINS are getting screwed up, like this:



      code    varchar(2)

      name   varchar(20)



      cityname varchar(25)

      statecode varchar(2)


      select states.name from
      on STATES.code=CITIES.statecode
      where statecode='PA'


      would return "New Jersey"


      See attached screen capture of debugger for more detail.